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  • Bachflower Remedy Bachflower remedies works wonders for patients of depression, anxiety, loss of concentration, weak memory, tension, nervousness & fear.

  • Homeopathy for Children Babies and children can respond beautifully to homeopathy. From early problems with feeding, or sleeping.

  • Aim of Homeopathy
    The main aim of homeopathic treatment is to create a balance in the body,so that the person feels well both emotionally and physically

Why Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a natural form of treatment. Homeopathy helps in stimulating body’s own immune system to fight disease & thus minimize the chances of recurrence & offers long lasting relief. Western medicine still does not have measures for many chronic diseases which can be treated effectively by homoeopathy. Even in many conditions that have been termed acute, ‘Homoeopathy’ has proved to be effective.

Increasing usage of Automobiles these days, has given rise to pollution levels. This leads to an increase in people suffering from Bronchitis & Asthama. Infants & children are also seen having allergies due to dust, climate change etc. These patients if treated with Homoeopathy increase their own resistance, to face exposure to the known allergens. Dr. Kesharwani’s Holistic Homoeopathy Clinic (An ISO:9001:2008 Certified Organisation) specializes in treating Asthama, Bronchitis & Children related ailments.

Homoeopathy is becoming popular among the masses. In situations of surgery or emergency, there is no alternative to Allopathy. But post surgery homoeopathic medicine speeds up the healing process.

Homoeopathic treatment has proved to be effective even on problems like Corns and warts. Usually Corns are removed surgically, but are known to recur. They are best treated permanently with Homoeopathic medicines. Similarly, many skin conditions like allergies, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, hair fall, acne have shown excellent results with Homoeopathic medicines.

In today’s busy lifestyle, female complaints during menopausal period have increased drastically. Homoeopathy gives good relief to these patients using mild medication. Arthritis, back ache etc. can be effectively dealt with Homoeopathic medicines.

Homoeopathy is a gentler form of medicine without side effects. Homoeopathic Medicines are easy to consume, gentle on body & adaptable by all age groups. Unlike some Allopathic medicines which are known to have many side effects, the homoeopathic medicines have virtually no side effects, if given in proper dosage & potency.

About Dr. Vivek Kesharwani

With many years research & experience in homoeopathy, Dr. Vivek Kesharwani (B.H.M.S) ,has treated thousands of patients in India. Dr. Kesharwani’s Holistic Homoeopathy Clinic (An ISO:9001:2008 Certified Organisation) offers homoeopathic treatment for all diseases.


Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine that is based on the principle of similars- like cures like - which means that a substance that can cause certain symptoms in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms in an unhealthy person. Homeopathy aims to aid and stimulate the body's own defense and immune processes.


Homeopathic remedies are alternative medicines produced from substances gathered from nature. They're naturally 100% organic. Those who produce these holistic treatments subject them to processes of dilution through techniques called potentisation. The foundation of the principle of treating diseases is based on what is known as a theory of a Law of Similars.

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