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The adenoids are small pads of tissue found behind the back of the nose above the throat. They cannot be seen by looking in the mouth. If the adenoids are quite large, they can cause significant respiratory obstruction, with resultant chronic mouth breathing. This mouth breathing can cause permanent changes in the facial shape - "adenoid facies" with elongation of the face and an open-mouthed, slack-jaw appearance. Nighttime respiratory obstruction, with snoring and even sleep apnea can cause significant load upon the right side of the hear Adenoids can become very large and block the Eustachian tubes (the tubes from the middle ears to the back of the nose) and cause ear infections. Large adenoids can also block the nasal airway causing your child to breathe through his mouth and snore at night. Adenoids can become infected and carry germs (bacteria).

There are several symptoms of enlarged adenoids in children Nasal congestion

  • Unusual and increased snoring
  • Sleep disorders such as apnea
  • Mouth breathing
  • Hearing loss
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Sinus infections
  • Nose bleeding
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Weight loss or loss of appetite due to pain and breathing difficulties
  • Unusual feeling of tiredness due to lack of sleep


  • Congenital
  • Infection
  • Allergy

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